Water Wizards who have tapped into their own unlimited power as water-based creatures.

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A few examples of the testimonials for distilled water and urine therapy:

 “I agree distilled water is best for humans as I had stage 3 kidney failure and after 8 months of distilled water (about 2-3 litres a day) I am back to normal, which has the doctors dumbfounded”  ~ K.A.

“Diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the liver, complicated by hepatitis, she was senthome to die. She drank only her first morning urine and used it externally, no fasting. Afterten days, she went back to the doctor feeling much better. The doctor could not believe she was alive. Within a few weeks she was working again.”   ~ T.S

“An uncle of mine who lives in Hermosillo, Sonora, is a cardiologist. At the age of 65 years was cured of prostate cancer. He had lost all hope in chemotherapy treatments. We gave him the book “Water of Life”. He did urine fasting for two weeks and felt much better. This happened in 1992. He continued taking it, and he is in good health and fully cured.” ~ Consuelo MS

“I had problems of my cartilage. I am an athlete and I cried to tears when I realized I no longer could run any more. So I began to take Urine for four months and I have felt far better little by little. Thanks to God I continue running.” ~ Lupita S. Castaneda

ALSO please read these quotes from Doctors and Experts who have praised the benefits of distilled water.