Skin Testimonials

The following are all skin-related testimonials.   Reading these will give you confidence and knowledge of how to proceed in treating the skin in a variety of different ways…

“Some months ago, my wife’s wrists were overgrown with small moles. A famous Dermatologist was consulted who prescribed costly medicines and tablets and also frightened by the warning ‘if enough caution is not observed the body will be covered with them.’ I gave up the plan of purchasing the medicines and asked my wife to keep her affected parts dipped in her fresh urine daily for some time. After a month’s treatment all the moles disappeared and the wrists were again as soft and smooth as before.”
from Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel

“Kalyanjibhai Mehta, the first Speaker of Gujarat State Assembly, had a skin infection. He had an itching sensation on the leg, and then there was burning, and blood began to ooze. He tried various medicines for a month, but to no avail, and was much harassed by the disease. He applied urine­soaked pads on the spot for three nights and was completely cured.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“ S.C. Champaneria is a resident of Bulsar and is sixty­two years old. He developed throat cancer in 1962 when he was in Africa. His throat was quite sore. He knew the uselessness of allopathic treatment in cancer, so he began Urine Therapy on September 22, 1962. He used to drink urine three times each day and apply urine packs on the throat tumor and place urine drops in the ears. In one month he completely cured himself of cancer.”

from Urine Therapy by Dr. John F. O’Quinn

“Sant Kalasinhji, age seventy­five, suffered from asthma. Thereafter, he expectorated blood with his cough. Doctors believed that it was due to cancer of the throat. There was a small wound in the throat and it emitted a very bad smell. Urine-­soaked cotton was placed on the wound and was changed every three hours. He got some relief. He was given urine to drink. After two months, the bleeding stopped. The doctors diagnosed that he was fully cured.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John F. O’Quinn

“Two years ago, a small sore appeared on my right inside lower arm. It was very small and, at the time, appeared quite significant. However, within three or four weeks the sore started itching, accompanied by a burning sensation. Within the following six months it had noticeably enlarged. I later self diagnosed it as possible cancer and kept an eye on it. It continued to enlarge and I consequently visited my doctor. He confirmed it was cancer and advised that it would require surgical removal as soon as possible. From my recent studies of cancer cases on alternative medicine regarding cancer cures, I was most reluctant about surgery in view of the fact that, in many cases, surgery has only served to aggravate the area in question on the body where it has been performed, thus weakening the region for further later invasion to take place.
However, my health did decline somewhat as time passed on, and, by Christmas 1995, this cancer sore was now accompanied by yet another one in close proximity which grew at an alarming rate and became in a short time linked with the original outbreak. Margaret nagged me incessantly to get the surgery done, and by the New Year my resolve was weakening along with my health.
It was following the release of your February­March 1996 issue in which you featured the “Urine Therapy” article by Martha Christy, which I read several times, that I decided to give this therapy a go myself, albeit in a slightly modified approach. If this brave woman could annihilate all her health dramas in this way, why should I not try it?
Immediately I devised a way whereby, I could apply the urine in an ongoing way so that the core of the cancer was saturated continuously with fresh urine. (Margaret threatened to divorce me!) I first of all opened my diary to Saturday 27th January ‘96 and entered “First treatment started”. All treatments and noticeable results were entered from then on. On Wednesday 28th Febraury ‘96 entry reads, “Growths completely healed.” Saturday 9th March reads, “Area of growth now difficult to discern.” 16th March reads, “Now there is no trace of where growth originally existed, i.e. no scar.” The actual healing time was 32 days.
Margaret and I went down to the doctor’s and showed him the arm. He and his nurses could not find any trace of cancer and kept rubbing the hairs of my arm away to try to find it. One of the nurses at the clinic has become an avid reader of and subscriber to NEXUS magazine and, at the time, although the doctor demanded to know what self treatment I had taken, neither Margaret nor I would divulge that the application of urine did the track, but the nurse in question (NEXUS reader) stood at the back quietly smiling to herself. Later she said when no one was about, “”You tried that urine therapy, I’ll bet! You old devil; trust you!” The nurse agreed to bring her issue of NEXUS into the inner sanctum of the clinic and leave it in conspicuous places in the hope the one of the doctors might just pick it up, read it and come to some sort of conclusion on their own. We are still waiting for some feedback news from “our nurse on the inside”.
Margaret and I still keep on monitoring the entire arm, but it seems remarkable that just one outbreak of cancer on just one area of the surface of the body can actually drain one’s strength and affect one’s general health the way it did with myself. I have, since the treatment, experienced a remarkable improvement in strength, health, and general well­being and, yes, quite a wonderful success story.
Duncan, I feel personally indebted to this brave woman, and you have my permission to give her a copy of this personal authentic experience.
Kind regard to all at NEXUS, Robert Adams, Whakatane, New Zealand.”
from Urine: The Holy Water by Harald W. Tietze

“In 1948 a man reported a severe case of blisters which appeared on his whole body. There was acute pain and sitting or sleeping was rendered difficult. He began applying urine compresses over his entire body every day. This experiment was carried on for twenty days, and perfect health was the result.”
from Urine Therapy, by Dr. John O’Quinn

“I have known about urine therapy for many years. My sister­in­law told me that as a teenager she had quite a blotchy skin on her face. As one of a large family she worked occasionally for neighbours, and one of these had a new baby, and Ivy helped the mother for a few weeks. The mother commented on her blotchy skin and asked had she ever tried wiping her face with a wet nappy of a newborn infant. The lady told her to try that, which she did. By the time Ivy returned home some weeks later there was a very noticeable improvement in her facial skin. When I first met Ivy, her own children were small, and she had really clear skin. When my own babies were born she suggested I do the same, though I hadn’t had very much trouble with my skin. I occasionally did the same and it does work.
“I am sure there are many ways urine has been found to be useful. It’s been used (diluted of course) for hundreds of years as a fertiliser (sweet peas love it). My great grandparents came from Europe, and it is said they never wasted a drop!”
from Urine: The Holy Water, by Harald W. Tietze

“Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a lymphatic disorder. The doctors first thought it was Hodgkin’s disease. During a vacation in Brazil I contracted some parasites. One was Shigella and the other was Giardia. I was treated with penicillin and many other antibiotics. But I still lost weight and the diarrhea was persistent. Then the new testing for AIDS came out, and I tested positive. I had constant problems with thrush. I also suffered from Kaposi’s sarcoma intermittently over portions of my body. My energy level was very low.
To make long story short, I started Urine Therapy. The first treatment with urine was on my skin. The second day I noticed that the KS lesions were starting to fade. Then I stared to drink my own urine. I took about one ounce a day in the beginning. My thrush went away. Every time when I apply urine to any aberration or sore on my skin, it all but disappears. The KS lesion I was talking about is not even one­fourth the original size. Also, my energy level is much higher. I had colitis. I no longer have an inflamed colon. I am steady as a clock and do not suffer anymore from chronic diarrhea. So evidently this is working for me.”
from World­wide Case Histories of Urine Therapy by Gary Ward

A fourteen­ year­ old daughter of one of my friends was preparing tea. In the process somehow boiled water fell on her left hand and it was burned badly. My friend brought her to me. Skin was badly scalded and full of blisters. I advised him to use wet pack of urine and to drink urine once or twice a day. Within five days her hand was normal.
from Miracles of Urine Therapy by Morarji Desai

“17 August: I was nauseous at night and the following morning. I also felt diarrhea coming on and was terribly tired. I stayed in bed, slept a lot, drank extra (herbal) tea and did not eat. I had a bit of diarrhea and the nausea was gone. From this point on, I drank my urine three times a day, covered my arms in the evening with urine compresses and washed myself in the morning with urine. Besides the spots, my skin looked terrific. I noticed that I sometimes breathed deeply, a cross between a sigh and a gasp. This felt like a kind of release, as if everything was falling into place. I also cut salt out of my diet.

“19 August: After six days of compresses, the rash was almost gone! I did it without the use of hormonal ointment. My entire system was more in balance, and I suspected that this would influence my total development (physical and spiritual). It is incredible that our bodies produce a medicine, always at our disposal.
“25 August: My arms were completely clean and the skin looked beautiful. A number of wart­like growths on my hands and face, which had arisen during the period I had used the hormonal ointment a year earlier, also almost completely disappeared. Swollen moles on my face shrank. A lump on my forefinger joint disappeared. A wart under my arm almost completely disappeared. The old urine also smelled better.
“30 August: The rash did not disappear quickly enough for me, so I placed a compress of old urine on my arms and covered it with plastic. The next morning, the rash was gone! I could not believe my eyes. Over the course of the day, the rash returned and started to burn again and my day urine also tasted bitter. I stopped swimming and wrapped the compresses around my arms every evening. Every morning, the spots looked better.
“I feel much better since I started using urine therapy. I can imagine that the pharmaceutical industry is not thrilled with this therapy, but that is their problem. Hopefully, people will quickly realize that medication does not have to be expensive, and that we always have it at our side. What has happened to me in four weeks is incredible, and so concretely observable!”
from The Golden Fountain, by Coen van der Kroon

“Bhogilal N. Chokis (Ganesh Baug, F­45, Bombay 19) writes that his friend C. C. Desai, a principal of a college, had ear trouble for the last 20 years Pus was oozing, and he was very slow of hearing. He began to put urine­ drops in the ears and was completely cured. By urine massages, he got rid of his skin disease. He cured his neighbors who were suffering from asthma, near­sightedness, and eczema.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“I have been washing my face with urine and I have taken all the black marks off my face. As I am very fair, I used chemical cream all my life until the last six years or so, when I woke up to the rot. Congratulations on your books for making them small and good.”
from Urine: The Holy Water by Harald W. Tietze

“Nandalal P. Solanki, age 35, is a tailor residing at Kumbharvada, Bombay 17. He was suffering from eczema for the last 20 years. He could get no relief from the treatment of various skin specialists and even from hospital treatment. He started Urine Therapy on May 28, 1967, and continued it for three months. He used to drink four to six ounces of urine daily and massage with warm and old urine for three months, the massage was twice a day. On the spot of the disease he used to put urine­soaked cotton. He fasted for eight days, and during this time, he had cold, loose motions, and thereby, toxins were removed. The disease was completely cured.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

Mr. J.K., The Netherlands
”I started using urine therapy a month ago, first externally and later internally. The first few days I only drank one sip, and have now increased that to two cups a day. Up until now, I have benefited tremendously. The eczema on both of my legs and hips was cured within one week. A wart on my forehead and warts on my hands were gone after two weeks. To my amazement and relief, an internal lump on my scrotum has completely disappeared. It was not that difficult for me to start using urine therapy; I just had to get used to the idea.”
from The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon

S.Dasbhai from Surat, in a letter dated July 21, 1970 writes: “My left leg was affected with elephantiasis for the past 50 years. Now I am 73. This trouble disabled me to walk even half a mile for the last 40 years. Whenever I tried to do so, inflammation appeared on the legs. There was a fever­attack. Last year I had a chance to read about Urine Therapy and thus started treatment in March 1959. After four to five months, the trouble diminished by 50% and I could walk about a mile and a half. The inflammation and fever never recurred. Now I can cover slowly a distance of 2 to 3 miles without any discomfort. Drinking and rubbing of urine is done once or twice a day. Had I treated myself in greater regularity the cure would have been attained sooner and to a greater degree.”
from Manav Mootra by R.M. Patel

“Shri Rank Bandhuji, manager, Gandhi Smarak Bhawan, Chandigarh, told me on 1­12­1976 that a girl’s face had become partially swarthy (dark). Even prominent physicians could not give her any relief. A doctor started taking her urine for examination and would return it in his own bottles. She was asked to massage the part with this as also to drink it. In 20 days her blackness vanished.”
from Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel

In the last ten years, I have worked a great deal with urine therapy and have achieved spectacular results. Earaches, eye infections, fever, burns (also sunburn): urine therapy has helped heal all of these ailments. It changed the life of a German girl, whom I met in India. Whenever the temperature rose even just a little, she would be covered with eczema. I once asked her, “Why do you always wear long­sleeve shirts and long skirts when it is so hot?” She rolled up her sleeve and said, “That’s why.” A terrible case of eczema covered the skin on her arms and legs. Following my advice, she started to rub her own urine onto her arms and legs. The pain and itching disappeared immediately, and after a few days, her arms were only red. She plucked up the courage to drink urine, and gained so much faith in her healing that she even started drinking extra water so that she would produce more urine. After two weeks, the eczema had completely disappeared. And it has not come back since!
Urine therapy has convinced me of the healing power we all possess within ourselves, not only metaphysical but also physical. Thank you, my body, for the magical power of your water. I bow in respect for the water of life!”
from The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon

“ Mr. Ellis Barker, a practitioner of Urine Therapy, reports the following cases which gangrene was cured by urine treatment:
Mrs. E., Gangrenous feet and toes followed by paralysis after vaccines had been administered. 48 day fast. Urine healed feet and toes in the first 20 days.
Mr. D., Diabetic gangrene of the left forearm. Fasted 48 days for the diabetes. Arm completely normal after 18 days. No scars.
Mr. J.W.B. (60 years of age). Gangrene of the first and second joints of the thumb, caused by a hammer blow in mason work He was treated for 18 weeks as an out­patient
at a hospital. Bone removed up to the first joint. Discoloration spread towards the wrist. Fasted according to my method, applied urine compresses to the whole hand, wrist and arm. Cured in one week.
Miss C.A. (age 10). Anaemia, Gangrene of both legs following suppressive treatment for psoriasis. Large areas of skinless and livid flesh in both calves. Fasted 18 days. Cure complete. No more anaemia, no more psoriasis, no scars from gangrenous legs. She grew 1 1/2 inches during the fast.
Mrs. B., Gangrenous finger, also severe conjunctivitis following a year’s use of atropine. 97
Fasted 12 days for gangrene, then a week later undertook a second fast for the conjunctivitis which cleared up the 23rd day.
Mr. J.I. (age 54) Thumb cut by fish­bone. Doctor attended him the same day. Gangrene ensued. Surgeon’s decision to amputate rejected. Fasted 14 days. Body rubbed with urine, finger poulticed in very strong urine. Improvement after three days of treatment. Cure complete after twelve days.
Mr. N. (age 55). Tubercular gangrene of both legs. Surgeons wanted to amputate the limbs. His wife refused. Condition of the patient very emaciated. Great depression after much drugging. Fasted 42 days according to my method. Now walks as well as any man, and enjoys the exercise.
Mrs. L. (age 48). Gangrene of both legs and feet after spilling a large vessel of boiling fat over them. Treated with plaster during three weeks by the physicians. Result disastrous. Fasted 28 days, with the usual treatment advocated. Marked improvement after ten days. Returned to normal health after a fortnight.
Gangrene is often much quicker to respond to Urine Therapy than many other major, or “killing” diseases. I should mention that nearly all these cases were treated after the physicians had urged amputation. Once we understand that urine is not dead matter, but so to say, flesh, blood and vital tissues in a living solution, then its usage should be greater and its acceptance easier.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“The patient was a lady of fifty­three. She had been in the care of a well­known Bradford physician who was an authority on fasting and dietetics. Anemia had developed, the lungs showed signs of grave disturbance, and there was a gangrenous condition in one foot, with a number of skin eruptions of varying dimensions on each leg. There was also a jaundiced condition which had turned her complexion to that of an Eurasian, and the whites of her eyes yellow. Her abdomen was distended and hard, and her body had become thin and scraggy almost to emaciation.
By fasting the patient on her own urine and water, and rubbing urine into her body and applying urine compresses, at the end of ten days the kidneys and bowels were working “overtime” and though the eruptions had increased, they were less irritable. The breathing became normal and easy, the patient slept better and above all, the gangrenous foot began to show signs of healing. .
By the eighteenth day of the fast the foot was quite normal; the urine had formed new skin, and there was no trace whatever of the livid abrasions. The foot had healed without even leaving a scar.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“ Margarita Reyes, 70, had gangrene in one leg and doctors wanted to amputate it. She was directed to apply a urine­soaked towel to her leg three or four times a day, and to drink seven to 15 ounces of urine per day. Although skeptical, she started to follow the instructions and noticed an improvement by the second day. Her condition improved every day and her leg was almost normal two weeks later.”
from Uropathy by Martin J. Lara

“I laughed when I first heard about this therapy (urine) and didn’t take it seriously. My main concern at the time was about my full­blown case of AIDS that had just been diagnosed and the Kaposi’s sarcoma lesión (cancer) in my mouth that was supposed to spread throughout my body. But I decided to try the therapy (urine) topically on my vicious case of ringworm and not only did the ringworm condition totally disappear after a few weeks, but the dry, cracked and painful skin all around my toes and foot had totally changed. New skin had grown in and was as soft as a baby’s. It had a beautiful new color and just did not appear to be my own skin!
“I then tried the therapy internally each day and over the next 7 months the Kaposi’s lesions became increasingly smaller until they disappeared totally! The mouth ulcers and genital herpes that used to plague me have not returned even once. I have NEVER felt better in my life.”
from Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christie

I even healed my dog, who was infected with scabies, already hairless. With my own urine, I bathed him and on the third day, the scabs and scales fell off. Then his skin and hair regenerated.”
from Testimonials of Patients Cured by Urine Therapy

Letter from D. Satyamurthy Employee Bethany Colony Bapatla, India 27 December 1992
I am a paramedic worker at Bethany Colony where people with leprosy are treated. I was told of this treatment by a woman from England, Sister Margaret Deleney. Together, we treated several leprosy topical ulcers and some chronic asthma cases and skin disorders. We achieved good results with this treatment. Since then, I have treated many cases, and the treatment has never failed. Also, hip baths and drinking urine daily is the best treatment for chronic and painful piles. The problem is that the patient is often unwilling to drink his or her own water. Therefore we mix it with some juice and serve it at breakfast.
I can honestly say it is the best treatment for leprosy ulcers, asthma and several skin disorders. I am extremely grateful for this therapy and plan to start a small clinic for urine therapy.
D. Satyamurthy,
from The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon

“Once, while on evening walks, Kaviraj met a person named Kehra suffering from leprosy. He requested Kaviraj to treat him and started weeping. Kaviraj consoled him and told him that the disease can be treated provided Kehra was ready to follow his advice strictly. Kehra agreed to do anything to get cured. Kaviraj advised him to drink all the urine and anoint the body with it. After three weeks of his treatment Kehra’s body started oozing a foul smelling water. Condition worsened so acutely that the patient wanted to leave the treatment. After much persuasion he agreed to continue it. Kaviraj used to go to him daily and encourage him. One day Kehra had a strong fever and remained restless throughout the night. Next day morning a miracle happened. Kehra’s skin came off his body like snake’s slough. He was made to lie on ashes of cow­dung cake. He remained deeply evening ashes were changed four times to soak the offensive secretions. After two days he became conscious and was given cows milk with honey. His body was cleaned with a piece of cloth. He was then made to lie on a cot. The patient felt well and painless. He continued urine drinking for few days and got cured completely.”
from Miracles of Urine Therapy by Morarji Desai

“Kanajibhai Wolanial, age 32, is an inhabitant of Ahmedabad. A skin expert had taken him for a patient of degenerative leprosy and treated him as such for a long time but failed to cure him. His hands and fingers now bore the wounds, and he always felt a piercing and burning sensation in his fingers. He was unable to lift anything with his hands. The nerves of his hands were strained and had contracted. He had already begun rubbing with urine on his hands for a week and felt considerable relief from the burning and piercing sensation. He was advised to continue rubbing regularly and also start drinking urine the next day and to fast on urine and water after a couple of days.
Next week, he reported an improvement in his condition. He fasted for three days and continued the rubbings for three months. He was extremely happy with the results. Here is a short account: ‘Before the treatment, I was unable to move my hands up and down, but it is possible to do so now. Moreover, I was unable to do work with them but now it is possible
to do so. On the whole I have been considerably benefited by urine treatment, and the wounds of leprosy on my hands and feet have disappeared. The piercing sensation in the fingers has also vanished.’ ”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

This case was of a girl sixteen years of age. There was only one white spot on her back. The spot was of nearly one inch diameter and two months old. As the girl and her parents were much worried and ready to follow any schedule however difficult, I asked them to let her daughter fast with urine and water for three days and keep on anointing the body with urine for at least two weeks. The girl was advised to take no spices and unnatural food during the treatment. I am happy to record that the girl and her parents followed the instructions religiously. The white spot started changing its colour just after five days of treatment and vanished in another five days. However they continued the treatment for five days more. Not only the girl got rid of her white spot, her skin became exceptionally clean and transparent.
from Miracles of Urine Therapy by Morarji Desai

Shri Ranjitbhai Parikh, aged thirty two was having white spots in all parts of his body for the last fifteen years. Even his hair became white due to leucoderma. Ranjitbhai used to go in search of saints and talk to them about yoga and other spiritual matters. In due course he became intensely interested in yoga and read ‘Hath Yoga­Pradipika’. In this book ‘Shivambu Kalpa’ was referred in connection with ‘Amrauli Mudra’. After much effort he could find the ‘Shivambu Kalpa’ in Sanskrit. He experimented on himself many formulae of urine therapy described in this book. He got his eyesight improved by drinking urine through nose. But his major success was treatment of leucoderma which is described below.
Proper urine drinking and anointing with urine started affecting his leucoderma in stages. White spots started decreasing in size and then vanished gradually from many parts of the body. Spots of head vanished and hairs became black. Face, neck, stomach and hip became spotless and skin changed to natural whitish colour.
When Raojibhai saw him after the treatment, he could not recognize him. Young sadhu of Arvindashrama, his long black hair and long beard were magnificent. Raojibhai was wonder­struck and after listening his story, became all the more convinced of magical powers of urine.
When Raojibhai saw Shri Ranjitbhai, there were few white spots left on the extremities of his hands and feet. However Ranjitbhai was convinced that these too will vanish after some time.
The above case­history shows that if rules are followed rigidly and a natural life is led, wonders can be done with urine therapy.
from Miracles of Urine Therapy by Morarji Desai

“I was in a motorcycle accident, breaking my arm in three places, scraping the skin on my shoulder, arm, trunk, and leg. One side of my body was road burned several layers deep. I had no insurance so went home to heal myself. All I had for healing was my own urine. I applied it all over the open wounds. I never had a scab. My healing was from the inside out. The body filled in from the bone to the muscles, and finally pink smooth skin. The regeneration on my head and eyebrow cannot be noticed today. I was back at work within one month.”
from Drink Your Own Water by Tony Scazzero

“Doctors report that the further growth of psoriasis could be checked, but it was Impossible to cure. A man suffering from this disease retells his story: “I tried various medicines in allopathy to stop the disease from spreading with no results. On June 12, 1960, I began storing my urine in bottles for massages. As soon as three bottles of one pound capacity each were filled, I began rubbing my entrre body with It. Next morning my skin appeared to be soft and tender, and it surprised me. The dead cuticles on the skin had cleared. I felt still more softness of the body and I took a bath. Then I though of drinking urine. First I rubbed urine on my teeth, and on June 18th, I drank urine for the frrst time, and the next day, I submitted myself to my doctor for an examination. He was extremely glad to note the improvement.
Since June 16th up to his day I continued drinking and rubbing urine. Daily I rub myself from head to toe, do some physical work, and then take a bath. The dead cuticles have been entirely gone, my skin appears o be very healthy. I do not recall any itching sensation after June 16th. I got rid of psoriasis completely, and my constipation has also been eliminated. My body is active, and my appetite is good.’ ”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“ A case may now be cited regarding a young woman who had developed a growth in her breast. She was put on a diet of her own urine, plus tap­water, and used urine compresses.
In a short time, four days, the growth had entirely disappeared.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John F. O’Quinn

“For 25 years I carried on my chest a tumour which during one of my peregranations suddenly began to discharge thick pus. There was pain also. Swelling and inflammation around it aggravated the condition. Doctors advised immediate operation as they suspected it to be of cancer and warned that failing it, the malignant matter will spread to other regions of the body. I firmly refused to be operated.
I removed myself to Mamasar (Rajasthan) as advised by Gurudev Acharya Tulshiji. Auto­urine therapist Shri Bhojaraj Sancheti prescribed massage on the tumour. Within a short time, I found miraculous recovery. Within five­six months’ time, the tumour practically disappeared. Though there is a spot signifying the tumour I am not inconvenienced with it.
Auto­urine therapy indeed is an excellent and cheap remedy. If followed properly and according to its rules it gives complete relief.”
from Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel

“Shrmati Indumati Pandit is of 61 years. In 1968 she developed a painful tumour between her breasts. The civil surgeon on examination told that the tumour was not ripe for removal and after about a week he would return from his tour and then operate. Shri K. G. Pandit began urine therapy. He started massaging the affected part with urine and put hot urine packs also. Within five days’ treatment, before the civil surgeon’s expected
return. The tumour disappeared and not even any sign remained of the painful tumour.”
from Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel

Mrs. Maria Navarro { Mexico }
”I had an ugly abscess in the cheek that was extended a little towards the ear. Then I applied the Urine several times day and little by little it disappeared. By the grace of God it disappeared. I am perfect.”
from World­wide Case Histories of Urine Therapy by Gary Ward

“A woman’s right cheek was swollen and there was pain. There was tumor on the jaw. After a few days of cillage medicines when there was no relief she was sent to the Head of Patna Cancer War. After 15 radiation exposures, there was still no cure.
She began auto­urine massage, fasting, urine­drinking, urine packs and other skin applications of urine. The fast was broken with grapes and fruit juice. She eased back into soup, milk and bread, continuing her urine­drinking. After 10 days there was 80% relief from pain and swelling. The hardened cheek became soft. The swelling opened up and released pus. The body regained its strength.”
from Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel

“Shrimati Rajani is a widow and is a nurse in Dhariwal (Punjab). Her daughter Chanchal Kumari aged eleven had four tumours on throat. On her mother’s persuasion the young girl started urine treatment. She took urine orally twice a day and rubbed it on the body once a day. The urine massage was done by her mother. In two months the girl was cured and all her growths on her throat disappeared completely.”
from Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel

“Immigration authorities stopped a man from India at Kennedy airport, New York City, for suspicion of traveling with a false passport. The incident happened because according to the birthday on the passport the man was supposed to be 68 years of age, but the agents did not think he was a day over 35. Once the validity of his documents and his identity was verified, the customs agents asked him how he stayed so young looking.
The man said, “I am vegetarian, and I only eat fresh and natural foods. And I drink a glass of urine on an empty stomach every day.” After revealing this information he was allowed to continue his trip.”
from Uropathy by Martin J. Lara

“Shri Mangilal Maloviya is a naturopath and he had a bad prick in his left foot. He at once urinated over it and put a urine­soaked bandage over it. Pain at once subsided and the deep wound healed in no time without any pus formation.”
from Manav Mootra by R.M. Patel

“In 1961 in Bulsar, B. Ratimuni began Urine Therapy after his toe was badly hit. He cured it by applying urine­pads. Another time, he was operated on for some trouble, but the surgeon’s wound did not heal. So he applied urine­pads and healed the wound.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“A male aged 47 had a septic area on the…third right finger. This was drained but discharge of pus continued. The wound was opened again when it was found that the infection had entered the tendon sheath. Adequate drainage was provided and the finger X­rayed. The wound was then treated with eusol baths. After several days there was no attempt at healing. Urea treatment was started and after 3 days the slough was removed thus exposing the underlying tendon. Healthy granulations (new tissue) were present at this time. The urea treatment was continued. The patient was discharged 22 days after the treatment was begun, the wound having healed completely. There was no loss of function…
As will be seen from the above, we have used urea in a variety of casualty department cases. Owing to the extreme diffusibility of urea even the deepest wound can be treated effectively.”
from “Treatment of Infected Wounds with Urea”, 1938, by Leon Muldavis (Senior Casualty Officer at the Royal Free Hospital, London) and Jean M Holtzman (Demonstrator in Physiology, London School of Medicine for Women).

“A prisoner was sentenced to heavy whippings. After the beating a co­prisoner treated him with urine, and the victim was readily cured.”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“Dr. George S. Cotton of Temple, Texas wrote about the benefits of Urine Therapy in 1935: I have put Urine Therapy to the test and the results have been astonishing. Urine in the treatment of wounds and bums cannot be beaten. This healing power is brought about among other elements contained in urine, by Allontain (C4.H6 03.N4)”
from Urine Therapy by Dr. John O’Quinn

“In Arnhem Land, the aborigines chopped up flower stalks, mixed them with warmed urine, and applied them to spear wounds.
Some tribes used mud or ashes to dress wounds and with no other treatment the injured survived frightful wounds.”
from Healing Secrets of the Aborigines by Dr. Ingfried Hobert




Deep Wound (to the bone) Healed by Urine Bandage

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Unknown insect bite, wound spread upon scratching
Old Urine* applied on the wound DRESSING
Shape of wound : ugly jagged shape
After urine application : wound shape became nearly geometrical, almost rhomboid form
New pink color skin growing around wound
Shape of wound : rhomboid -> ruby -> rectangular -> healed
Patient did NOT drink urine at all
Patient advised to keep blood sugar as low as possible, consuming low glycemic foods, tea/coffee/alcohol avoided
Healed within 8 months, with dedicated treatment
Doctors studying case notes wound is candidate for gangrene, amputation if skin graft fails
*Note* : Iodine (betadine) application on wound did not help
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Note : Old urine is also known as lant

I am often only called in for supposed hopeless cases, where medical intervention has failed. CASE: Mr S. M., a farm manager presented with a huge wound on his lower leg. Frankly it looked as though a bear had bitten off a chunk of his flesh. He informed us that it began as what he thought was an insect bite and spread as he itched it.The wound spread even faster with hospital care of antibiotics which had cost him a few thousand rupees he could ill afford. I asked him what medicine he was applying and he showed me iodine. Now iodine is a poison and his was not a case of infection but simply that the body could not cope with healing itself.

I enquired as to whether he was diabetic. He said no, and this was good because diabetic wounds only respond once the sugar level of the patient has been brought down. High sugar in the blood inhibits the immune response. The gaping ugly wound went practically right around his leg above the ankle (see photos). This is the first really photographic documentation we have of the efficacy of Urine in healing. It was said Mr S. M. could have had a skin graft involving more expense (Rs 20,000/- and up, about six months salary) and associated hardship but, as the photographs show, we cured his problem with externally applied old Urine … gratis.

Mr S. M. was advised to follow dietary restrictions (patthiyam) that is, to absolutely quit tea, coffee, and beedies … he was not an imbiber of spirits.

As the documentation shows the course of Urine treatment caused the outlines of the wound to go from an ugly jagged shape to a nearly geometrical almost rhomboid form. Of course every stage of the treatment was covered, the dressings being allowed to remain in place for several days at a time and allowed to dry during a twenty four hour period and fresh medicine (matured Urine) injected into the cotton being careful not to touch, of course, the flesh below. The patient would perform this aspect of the treatment himself after being instructed. We came only to change the dressings and swab the area around the wound. This latter is an important part of the treatment taking off the toxins thrown out by the healthy skin and stimulating the capillaries around.

Following on the rhomboid stage a ruby like swelling formed, the new epidermal layer (skin) growing around it being pink in colour.

The ruby then collapsed into a rectangular scab and eventually fell off.

At no time did we ask the patient to experiment with Auto Urine Therapy. Of course he might have benefitted had he done so, but we did not feel that he would have proceeded along such lines and such a radical approach would have spoiled the progress already being seen.

Along with avoiding tobacco and caffeine Mr S. M. was urged to eat plenty of greens and take fruit (or raw onions) with vitamin C supplements, about 500 mg or more per day with fruit. Often people in his economic bracket cannot afford to buy fruit, but guava grew freely around his cottage. Besides raw onion as a source of vitamin C another inexpensive fruit is Indian Gooseberry (amla, nellikay) a rich anti-scorbutic resource used widely in Ayurvedic medicine.

Even though he was not diabetic we advised Mr S. M. to avoid potatoes and other high glycemic index foods, such as (too many) bananas, white rice (at least, include wheat or ragi) and mangoes etc. Keeping down the blood sugar of even a non-diabetic patient is also helpful, this is another reason why, apart from the deleterious effects of tea and coffee on the circulatory system, caffeine should be avoided since it floods the blood stream (in an artificial “fight or flight” response) with stored sugar from the liver.

Yes, in the early stages of treatment there was some pain. For pain Mr S. M. took, over a short period, Buta-proxyvon with the serious warning that painkillers are addictive. He was also warned that in the first days of the treatment blood will begin to flow to the affected part and that the appearance of blood in the bandage is a good, not bad, sign, since it is only by way of a renewal in the flow of blood that the wound will heal.

It took eight months of faithful treatment from beginning to end, but the flesh rejoined in a most dramatic and (step by step) progressively positive way as the documentary evidence shows. If the area had been treated surgically and the graft not “taken” the existing flesh would not have rejoined. This we also know from experience. Physicians studying the initial photographs of Mr S. M.’s case generally concede that he could have been a candidate for gangrene and, failing a skin graft, might have had recourse to amputation.