1.) A 54 year old woman with a family history of breast cancer,
who did not have officially diagnosed cancer, BUT had been to get a
mammogram and had been told she had suspicious lumps, went on a 5 day
orin fast. She was drinking her pee and taking daily orin full body rubdowns
in the sun.  On the 4th day, massive, self-erupting sores burst out all over her
breasts.  She continued with the orin rubdowns even after ending the fast and the
wounds healed with an unprecedented speed. She was positive she had ejected
future breast cancer.

2.) A man of about 50, who is a fine art furniture maker, was diagnosed
with liver cancer. He went on a 30 day orin fast. At the end of the
third week, he defecated a black crystal the size of a baseball. It hurt
so much coming out that he passed out while on the toilet and broke his
nose and his forehead on the bathtub in front of him. When he woke up,
after being shaken by his wife who had come running when she heard the
noise, he said he was full of elation and he felt like his body was being
lifted by angels. That was just the beginning of the black crystals, for
the next several days, tons and tons of smaller ones kept coming out of
him. (these black crystals are merely balls of mucoid plaque that the
body is sloughing off thanks to the constant flow of pure waters running
through the body during the fast) He is alive and well today and has some
of the bluest, brightest eyes you have ever gazed into.

3.) A young balding man who was sitting at the next table over to me in a
cafe overheard me giving my spiel about the Orin and the rest of the
Distilled Waters. He couldn’t help himself and had to interrupt. He told
me had been saving for hair follicle replacement surgery for months and
was just about ready to have it done. I told him it was very easy to grow
his hair back. He went home and that very night he started sleeping with
an Orin soaked towel on his head. He said he smelled like a homeless man
and was glad he had the privacy of his own place to do it in. He didn’t
tell ANYBODY what he was up to for fear of ridicule. Just two short weeks
later, unprompted, his friends started telling him that, incredibly, they
were seeing sprouts of brand new hairs in his bald spot!

4.) Our dog’s cornea got sliced clean open by our cat’s fast and furious
claw swipe to her face. And I mean CLEAN OPEN. As in, ALL of the water
poured out from the inside of the eyeball and she no longer had an eyeball
but a completely deflated and sunken in sack in place of it. IT WAS
HORRIBLE LOOKING and everyone’s first thought when seeing it was that she
had just lost her eye forever. I immediately went looking online for an
eye patch or some doggy motorcycle goggles that we could stuff with Orin
soaked bandages and place over her eye. I couldn’t get any right away so
we decided to at least pour fresh urine over her eye and encouraged her to
lay down and rest. She fell asleep and about 45 minutes later I was still
online looking on Harley Davidson websites for doggie goggles, when Lady,
that’s her name, came into the room and calmly walked up to me. I looked
down at her and had to do an IMMEDIATE double take, because BOTH OF HER

I thought I had known it was her left eye but now I couldn’t tell for sure
because neither one of them looked any different from the other! I had to
get my wife and ask her, Which eye was it???

She was baffled too and we sat Lady down and looked really closely into
both of her eyes. Finally, on the left eye, when the lighting and
reflections were just right, we could see the faintest little line
streaking down through the center of her cornea from top to bottom.

The Orin we put in her eye, combined with closing it and holding it in
there for 45 minutes while she slept, had completely fused the cornea back
together and it had already filled back up with water making a perfectly
round eyeball again.

5.) I, and my father, are both DEATHLY allergic to wasp stings. The
last time I got stung by a wasp before I knew anything about Orin Therapy,
I had to be rushed to the hospital while my throat and chest were
tightening and seizing up on me. 5 doctors and nurses immediately
surrounded me in the emergency room and put liquid IV in one arm, liquid
benadryl in the other and strapped a pure oxygen mask to my face. They
manually calmed my body down and saved my life. They issued me a
prescription for an epi-pen, to jam in the side of my thigh in an emergency,
which I was from then on to carry with me AT ALL TIMES. I was terrified of
going hiking out in the woods in case I might forget to take my pen with me someday.

Time went by and then I learned of Orin Therapy and its ability to stop
allergic reactions in real time.

I was moving chopped wood out in the yard when I accidentally uncovered a
wasp’s nest. A whole swarm erupted in the air around me and before I
could run away fast enough, one of them stung me on the top of my forearm.
I looked down with wide eyes at my arm and thought, WOW, here’s my chance
to see if this really works or not! I had read MANY testimonials of this
and in every one it had always worked, but now my own life was on the
line. BUT, the testimonials are so constant from around the world I had a
fair amount of confidence, so I went for it. I waited about 12-15
seconds, to make sure the venom had a chance to work fully into my body
waters, and then I peed out just a little bit into the palm of my hand. I
put it in my mouth, held it under my tongue, and then went and found my
epi-pen and my car keys. I sat at the kitchen table with those two
objects in my hands and Orin in my mouth. I sat there for 10 minutes,
then 20, 30, and finally after 40 minutes I spit it back out.

What happened during those 40 minutes? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Where as last time, before I knew about Orin Therapy, I had started going
into deadly anaphylactic shock, which starts with tingles and itchiness
all over, then hives and bumps all over and then the final death knell of
the tightening of the chest and throat, but this time…



Attached Photo Note:  The photograph is just a cute random photo of a black lab, which is what our dog Lady is.  We regret not taking a photo of the deflated eyeball that day, but it all happened so fast, we thought we would have had plenty of time to take a shot of it, but… Orin is quicker than the eye!