Hi Andrew – Well… I’m going to give this a shot. I’ve done some reading on distilled water and I’m already up for UT but what’s kicked me over the edge is that I’ve just this week been diagnosed with high blood pressure (and I mean high). I’ve never been on any medications in my life and I’m not about to start now. Can I run a program that feels right to me past you?

I’m not into lengthy fasts, but I used to fast 1 day/week and loved it. My diet is excellent. Although I know my salt intake and love for excessive olive oil, butter and half and half on top of a decade of minimal exercise is what probably has raised the blood pressure demon. I already drink 3 qts of filtered well water a day so, here’s my plan:

1 gal distilled water/day
Ease back into UT (or OT!) until I’m drinking about a quart a day
Eat mostly (lightly steamed) vegetables, salads and fresh fruit and some fish or chicken (all organic) 4 days/ wk
Eat lightly (broths and salad) 1 day before fasting day and 1 day after
Fast 1 day/week on water and orin

That feels balanced to me. And seems like I should get some rapid results. Oh yeah – and I’ve been back exercising a lot this past 6 months. (yoga, rebounding, strength training and tennis) what do you think?



Hey Friend,

Sorry to hear about your blood pressure, but happy to hear of your new plans!

The three blood counts seem to ALL go back to normal or even below normal at an athlete’s level when people get on the gallon a day. It happens very easily! The three counts I mean are pressure, pulse rate and cholesterol.

The things I would encourage you to alter on your proposed diet is instead of this…

“Eat mostly (lightly steamed) vegetables”

I would say this…

“Eat mostly salads”

The cooking of your vegetables, even ‘lightly steamed’ massively erases the nutritional value. All the enzymes get their lights punched out and you REALLY, REALLY want those enzymes to be alive when you ingest them.

Also the ‘cooked’ chicken and fish do NOTHING but make you bogged down and literally UN-distil your beautiful watery blood. And yeah, its great to buy organic meats, but really no matter how expensive or ‘pasture raised’ they are, when you cook them, you make them toxic.

It’s the cooking which really make them so bad for you, and again, the enzymes are killed.

Your body recognizes ALL cooked food as completely foreign entities and releases a massive swarm of white blood cells to deal with dead foreign matter EVERY TIME you ingest some.

And I have been very addicted to cooked salty foods, so believe me, I know its VERY HARD to do the things I’m saying to you. I just want to be clear with you and make sure you know what things will be slowing your progress and what things will be speeding it up.

The more raw you can eat… ABSOLUTELY equals the better you will feel, and all the quicker too.

And yes, Salt is the antithesis of Distilled Water. The one dirties your blood, the other cleans your blood.

We are on our 10th day of a raw juice and one salad a night fast. The longest we’ve ever been off of cooked salty foods is 13 days, so this is really good and we are feeling real happy about having made it this far. We have a goal of making it 30 days and then see how we feel from there.

I’ve been experimenting with dressings that are salt free and the other night I quite enjoyed squeezing one orange, one lime and a drizzling of virgin, cold-pressed olive oil on top of my salad. It was very refreshing and had a nice, clean, lightness to it.

Well, I hope that helps. I know its very hard. The cravings for salt are powerful. Salt uses the same neural pathways as cocaine. It is no joke that it is addictive.

So I wish you MUCH power and strength to achieve your goals.