A short explanation of the detox process:


When you read the different doctors describe how distilled water melts garbage inside of you, make sure you understand that this translates into real world events. As in, garbage WILL start to pour out of you! It has to come out! But better out than in, right? So this means, you WILL have detox symptoms. And everybody is different as to how they detox, where they detox, and what they detox. It all depends on what YOU have ingested and inhaled your whole life and what routes your body chooses to eject the garbage.

Know that these symptoms are only temporary. They can only last as long as you still have garbage inside of you. You can dial in the speed too. If it’s too much detox for you, back off on the distilled water, eat healthy, consume more raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds and then come back to it again when you feel stronger.

Remember, when they say this is the greatest solvent known to man, THEY’RE NOT KIDDING!!!