Ancient Egyptian Papyrus

Ancient Egyptian Water of Life Papyrus

“The water of life is given to you, drink it and wash your body with it.
It is given to you for your spirit, mind, and body-for the man and woman inside of you.
The water of life is given to us to make us whole-oneness in ourselves.
It increases the ability of the hidden senses. It gives one courage, strength, and freedom-freedom from fears and attachments.
The water of life will create a civilization far superior to the one existing. Noble character traits will be it’s sign.
This civilization will guide the sciences and the arts-it will guide the spirit, mind, and body for further growth and increased wisdom.
It will give birth to the unity of both worlds.
The water of life will increase your love and knowledge-it makes you more whole.
It will help you to be what your are-a perfect creation.
Isis, the servant of mankind and mediator of the idea of creation, is giving the key of higher living.
With spirit, mind, and body, we have to guide men and women with wisdom similar to that of a priest, teaching the water of life and the life  principle – for this world and the world to come.”
source: “The Miracles of Urine Therapy” (Feb. 1988) by Beatrice Bartnett and Margie Adelman