Read it and weep…

“I want to share here some of my journey with the urine therapy… highlighting a urine fast I did of 14 days and a subsequent one of 4 days.
I started drinking my urine 17 years ago, almost every day, with on and off periods, but kept the habit, because I always got so much benefit from it. I remember my first glass of urine… (in India, back in 1997) that day I felt like I became WONDERWOMAN!
Reading the book “Water of Life” by John Armstrong was my initiation into the urine therapy and I always wanted to do a long fast, like the ones depicted in the book, but I was so emotionally dependent on food that I struggled even to finish a day without it!
After several attempts throughout all this years, I went from doing 2 day fasts to 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, and my longest was an 8 day fast, until I finally (about a year ago) did a 14 day fast! Always drinking all of my urine plus water -if needed- and doing 1 to 3 times each day the whole body massages with aged urine (2 to 5 years old).
This 14 day urine fast experience was truly MIND-BLOWING and much more than what I could have ever imagined!!!
There are so many marvelous things that happened during this fast that I can’t really mention them all in a short text, but I’ll try my best to touch the highlights and not extend my writing too much.
Truly! It was a real nightmare!! I had an amazing detox reaction and was constantly sneezing and coughing out mucus, had a mouth full of plaque all the time, horrible smell and taste, plus an unstoppable headache! I became also so weak I could barely speak or lift myself out of bed… but I gathered every day all the energy in me to go to the bathroom and follow my drinking and massaging routine. All I could do during that first week was pee, drink, sleep, massage, shower & REPEAT. Doing this also kept me going, I always got enough energy out of the process to be able to continue with the process and in my mind I was praying to pass the ordeal of the Detox phase as soon as possible. I tried to keep a smile all the time, as a way to induce my body into a happy state. It all works. Mental attitude is very important.
The interesting thing was that the detox happened on all levels. It was not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. I went through traumas of my past, childhood memories that I thought were long forgotten and experienced emotional crisis or meltdowns about 5 times during that first week… it was very intense and profound, but also very short, like I was crying my soul out for 3-5 minutes and then I felt 100% liberated and free of that pain and memory… it was AMAZING!! DEEP HEALING took place on all levels of my being! I was laughing out of joy every time after those short periods of emotional crisis. Very interesting and funny to watch and go through. That first week was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and I don’t know how I managed to keep up the strength and follow through with the fast… well, I helped mentally a lot, but I consider myself pretty coward when it comes to pain… I believe I knew deep in my soul that it was IMPORTANT. This experience was doing me so good and I just let my spirit guide me, surrendering completely to it. This turned out to be a TOTAL REBOOT of my whole being! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, I can only be ETERNALLY THANKFUL to God/myself/life/universe for that amazing experience and blessing!!
I lost about 11 kilos during the first week. I went from 54 kilos to 43 kilos. My face looked SCARY, like from a HORROR MOVIE, really, hahaha, I can laugh now but it wasn’t so funny then… my cheeks were gone, my eyelids were completely sunken, but something incredible happened… when I looked into my eyes… I SAW THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. My true self began to slowly reveal itself to me and all I could think was: “WOOOOOW… I AM SO BEAUTIFUL!!!”. The universe was opening itself to me… I saw the window to my soul… it was as if with each day into the fast, I was cleaning better and better the glasses of that window and being able to look much deeper into me… into the whole universe! I get now tears in my eyes when I think of it. That gave me the strength to continue… even though I was in a lot of pain, extremely weak and my overall external appearance was that of a 3 day old corpse! I could see the light at the end of the tunnel….
As for the physical healing part:
I have to say here, that I didn’t do it for health reasons, but more as an experiment and because I wanted to get rid of wrinkles on my face. I thought that after being 3 years 85- 95% raw vegan and drinking daily my urine, I was pretty much in perfect health. Well, I WAS WRONG….
A cyst I had on my upper right shoulder started coming out… (I wasn’t much aware of it, only at times, when it was itching or hurting and I kind of got used to the numbness on that area) my skin opened itself right there on that spot and liquid started pouring out. I was so happy to see this immediate sign of healing or cleansing!! This was on day 2 of the fast. Another cyst I had in my right ovaries also got dissolved (by the end of the 14 day fast) and now I no longer have any menstrual pain, which was the curse of my life for the past 25 years!! I could feel how my body was intensively working on those two areas and also on my kidneys, heart, brain and liver. My wrinkles also disappeared, but not completely, I feel that a longer fast is needed to fully regenerate the skin. It’s a process that takes a bit more time, but now continuing with the daily urine massages I can see a BIG improvement!
On the 5 day of the fast my urine also got much more “acidic”, I struggled drinking it, but nevertheless I continued. The acidic taste got worse and worse or I should better say stronger and stronger, because I totally think that it was not something bad, on the contrary, but it got to the point where it was like drinking pure squeezed lemon juice!! I tried to understand why this was happening (also happened to me before during other urine fasts… always at day 5 or 6 it starts to become like lemon water and gets more intense day by day) and got to the conclusion that this was necessary and perfect to produce a deep cleansing effect… it came to my mind the fact that lemon juice and usually all other acids are highly effective in cleansing, dissolving fats and decalcifying things. It would be interesting to analyze that acidic urine, because I also have the feeling that it is very high in VITAMIN C. It tastes almost exactly like drinking pure diluted vitamin C.
Well, I continued drinking this “acidic” urine, diluted with some water to not be so disgusted about it. It certainly wasn’t easy. I wish I would have known about the wonders of distilled water at that time, because the water to me (I was buying the “best” and most natural spring water in glass bottles) tasted so bad!!! I could barely drink water and I tried all kinds of water… it’s like I could sense the impurities, the inorganic minerals in it and I knew that they were not good for me. I almost preferred not to drink any water and only drink my urine, but I struggled with the intense taste of “lemon juice” or “vitamin C” kind of urine.
I started slowly gaining back my energy and having moments of PURE JOY. They were fleeting in the beginning, like coming and going. It was like jumping between two worlds: the dark clouds of my detox and the light my true self was being revealed. I had in intervals of about 2 hours the most amazing 3D visions, especially during the night, and not only in dreams but also while being fully awake! In fact, I couldn’t sleep much at all. I slept also in intervals of 2 hours. And instead of sleeping I was more like meditating during the night and having this amazing 3D movies (actually, it was more like 4D or even 5D) being created for me, by me, that I could even see with open eyes in front of me. I love comedies and that’s mainly what I was creating and sometimes I couldn’t contain myself laughing out loud in the middle of the night! The movies were soooo funny, really hilarious, genius!!! I wish I could have somehow recorded it all, but I was still too weak to write things down or speak into a recording machine. I completely shut down all physical interaction with the external world and concentrated all my energy on my daily routine to go on with the urine fast. So, whenever I got this amazing gifts, including astral projections, or traveling with open eyes through holographic worlds being manifested in front of me, I simply enjoyed every moment of it. I also experienced wonderful interaction and communication with my cells. They were so happy to be heard and to be acknowledged by me… truly! It was one of the most wonderful experiences I had… I could feel what my cells felt, I could feel the ONENESS with them and I knew that for them having me talk to them or just focusing my attention on them was if like GOD finally had spoken to them. They were SO HAPPY and in JOY and they reacted the same way we as humans would react if GOD would manifest in front of us… they were making a BIG PARTY!!! It was crazy, I could feel every bit of me, each small particle that creates my body and coexists with me inside this beautiful body machine. I was as well so clear in my head and could think of any subject with the sharpest intelligence and insight… I was having the most deep conversations with myself, with my soul, with this higher intelligence in me, I feel like I began to activate and use the dormant part of my brain and that I was also activating the dormant DNA in me. I was consciously directing my cells into what they should do… and especially I was THANKING them for the big work they had already done and continued to be doing!! I felt so proud of them! And they were SOOO HAPPY to be acknowledged! I was constantly moved to tears of emotion with this interaction. We are SO NOT ALONE in our own bodies… we have millions of friends!!! I am so blessed, we are all so blessed, we come into this world already with A BILLION BEST FRIENDS that are here for us and will do EVERYTHING for us!!
I was also speaking very fluently and eloquently, and I was giving speeches and speeches, constantly, in my mind, in every language I know and I could speak so well, all the words came so naturally to me! But only in my mind, because I was still weak to even speak out loud or with a normal voice.
On day 9. I felt my whole body being almost 100% pure and free of all obstacles (toxins, impurities) and I felt such a rush of energy flowing, moving through me that I almost jumped out of my bed! I felt like singing and dancing! I started cleaning all the house, very happily, and when my husband came back from work, he could not believe what he saw… he had been quite worried witnessing me in pain all the previous days, almost lifeless laying in bed, barely being able to speak to him. I could not even explain before to him how I was feeling or what I was going through, I could only give him hand gestures to signalize that everything was OK. But on that day, the 9. day of my urine fast, there I was with a strong voice, singing, dancing and talking to him very eloquently about all I had gone through and how wonderful I was starting to feel. I was like in ecstasy and this feeling continued, it even became more and more intense! From that moment on, real “miracles” started happening…
That second week I gained all the weight I had lost! And not only that, but more!! I went from being 43 kilos to 55 kilos! In just a matter of days, I put on the 11 kilos I had lost and gained an additional one!! It was really incredible for me to experience this! I could almost “watch” my body, my muscles, my tissues GROWING in front of me! It was AMAZING!! I was only drinking my urine and applying it on my skin, NOTHING ELSE!!
By day 13. and 14. something very powerful happened and I was not really prepared for such a strong energy, for such a strong transformation or transmutation, ALCHEMY…. it was like the detox took a deeper road and went on a more spiritual or mental level… it got directed towards my EGO or all my external identifications, which are not truly me, but only a story or stories about me… well, everything, all those stories, started to dissolve and I felt a lot of FEAR, strangely, I never thought I would have this reaction, because I considered myself always ready to jump into a higher existence… but there I was all of a sudden faced with a deep fear… fear of the unknown, fear of letting go… of dropping the old and embracing the new… a new me, something SO MUCH BIGGER than everything I had ever imagined! It was the fear of the caterpillar just before becoming a butterfly. The fear of disappearing. I realized in that moment the MAGNITUDE of the proportion of my EGO, which until then I had not been quite aware of… it was so strong and it’s fear of dissolving and disappearing was so intense that I ended up giving in or I should say giving up! – I felt that I wasn’t quite willing to take on such a profound experience… it’s like it took me completely by surprise and I didn’t feel ready to say goodbye to my old me or my old friend… it’s funny, but it’s what it is and I decided to be more gentle with my transformation, with my “awakening” and took a break of the fast. I have to say that in that moment it got so frightening or difficult for me, because I felt so much energy running through my body, like a ball of light that was spinning and spinning so quickly and exponentially gaining in speed and it was about to crush me!! I felt like standing on the edge of the abyss and about to fall or jump into it or if I was standing in the middle of the rail tracks and a train was coming in high speed towards me and I couldn’t move… I had also the impression that I was just about to take off and start levitating or flying! IT SCARED ME!! Even though this had been a major wish in my life, to be able to fly, and I believe it’s something I can (we all can) and will do at some point in my life (very soon, I guess now), I never realized that deep inside I was SO AFRAID of it!
On that day I probably experienced what people would say was a kundalini awakening or the beginning of one. I saw myself as a ball of light, the brightest light you can imagine and I sunk into it or explode and implode at the same time into it. It was a MARVELOUS feeling, but at the same time the most FRIGHTENING one. I can’t really put it in words. It lasted only the blink of an eye, because I STOPED it! I kind of forced myself to “come back into my body”. I screamed, just to “connect” back to the physical. I was afraid that I would disintegrate and disappear. My mind was not ready to completely let go. My EGO was like yelling “Don’t kill me!!” (literally, really! I think that scream was the voice of my EGO) and I decided that I wanted to take a break and postpone the experience of “enlightenment” for some time…
So, I had to “ground” myself sipping on an orange juice. After that I slowly started eating some fruits and by enjoying the pleasures of the dense world I became also more and more dense… it was very powerful to experience the whole transition… pure alchemy inside of me!
About 3 months later I felt ready to take on the deeper journey into myself and started again a urine fast. Very quick I found myself back on the same level of awareness of the 14. day of my previous urine fast. Already on the 4. day of this new urine fast I had this experience again and then I let it just happen… I will share this AMAZING EXPERIENCE on my next video, I promise!!! It’s sooooooooo wide and bright, so colorful that I couldn’t really do it justice in a couple of sentences… all I can say for now is that: I WAS IN NIRVANA for about 15 hours… I MET MY TRUE SELF and I knew all there is to know about everything… I was pure consciousness… I went to visit and discovered all the worlds I could and wanted to visit an discover, I met many wonderful beings, astral, aliens, angels… I saw myself in the beginning swimming in this liquid full of tiny crystal, which I realized later was the space inside my pineal gland, it looked like a universe and I was floating in it…. it was the (liquid) medium that allowed me to move and travel between dimensions… my pineal gland obviously got activated and WOWWWW… SO MUCH TO TELLl!!! I don’t want to make it much longer here… so I really promise to soon make a video about it!!!!
You can watch the first video I made (about a week ago), where I try to condense in 15 minutes my experiences with the urine therapy. It’s actually a video response to two You Tubers, Dan MacDonald and Tim Van orden, who are “rawfoodists” (you probably know them as “the life regenerator” and “running raw”). I was inspired after watching the video of a conversation between the two of them and wanted to share some of my experiences with the urine therapy in regards to rejuvenation.
Here is the link and feel free to subscribe to my channel for my future videos/testimonials on urine therapy and other things I’ve learned in life:

Much love to you all!! And thank you SO – SO MUCH for sharing your wonderful experiences here and for being a strong motivation for me to start sharing mine!! YOU ARE ALL DIVINE & MAGIC!!!! I feel like I’ve finally found my family, my best dear friends!!! I offer you all my heart and my eternal friendship!”

A reader’s comment: “when you say you gained 11 kilos on the urine fast – that sounds impossible. But maybe you started absorbing more water from the water you were also drinking?”

Her response: “It really does sound like a miracle! I know!! It also blew my mind! I feel that my body became so pure that it started absorbing the energy around and also producing energy like a free energy device and it could build by itself any tissues it wanted or I wanted… I feel like I was also able to command my cells what to do… I wanted to gain weight, I didn’t want to look so skinny… and I had that wish in my heart and also the trust that it could and would happen, so it did. My cells became my best friends! Well, actually they already are our best friends, we just don’t realize it. Anything we ask them to do, they will do for us. The important thing is the connection between them and between you and them has to be completely free of any obstacle, any foreign, toxic substance blocking the flow of energy and communication between everyone, between each one of them and between you and them, so the work can be done much more efficiently. It’s like the same scenario in a factory between all the workers and the boss… or in a construction site. It’s really very logical and simple, I think

Everything is energy. Matter is just a different configuration of photons. I don’t know the exact scientific words, but I feel that my body could absorb the photos or energy of the atmosphere and space around me (and it could also create more photons or energy within my heart, like a free energy device producing energy) and could organize this photons, this energy to become particles of matter, to form flesh, tissues, muscles, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, anything it wanted or needed.”

Reader’s comment: “can you please give me some more infos: have you been always at home? where you preferably in the dark or also at sunlight during your fast? did you stopped to talk as much as possible or not? I imagine no TV, radio and PC… correct?”

Her response: “I was all the time at home, except for a couple of walks I did on the park nearby and also a couple of car rides, where my husband took me out just to breathe fresh air and have a little change. I barely did talk, especially that first week, until day 9. and no tv (I don’t have one), no internet, but during the first 5 days I watched a lot of movies, comedies, because I felt like going crazy with the cravings and headache… so I distracted myself watching movies and something that made me laugh and be happy. I have to check my diary to remember what I did exactly every day.”

Reader’s comment: “I like the ‘miracle’ weight gain explanation – all is energy. But were you also drinking any water in the second week?”

Her response: “I was always drinking a little bit of water, but not distilled water, because I didn’t know about it at that time… so the water tasted awful to me, I sensed that it was dirty and not good for me, so I drank very little. Only when my urine started to be so acidic in taste, so concentrated, I started mixing it with water and also drank more water (about 2 – 3 glasses a day) to dilute my urine, in the hope that the next time it would not be as acidic… it helped a little.”

Andrew Norton Webber’s comment:


Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about PEOPLE!!!

THIS is what happens when relatively healthy humans give themselves the full-on treatment which normally only super-sick, close to death’s door people have the motivation to carry through with!

We KNOW what happens to old and sick people when they fast for thirty days. We’ve seen tons of these testimonials! The problem is those people usually stop and only use orin fasting to get back to what is considered ‘normal’ levels of health.

But enquiring minds have been wanting to know… What if they kept going??



And here we have an awesome account of just that!

I’ve read a few testimonials in my time, and I wholeheartedly agree, this is certainly one of the best I’ve ever read.

And yes, it does sound impossible to gain weight, muscle and tissue. But only in the limited, consciousness-numbing ‘accepted’ science of the western world view.

In the world of reality, where we use our own senses to discern, we see that we are all light-beings harvesting light and when we clean out the body antenna to such a degree that it shines bright with a glistening light flow, it has the ability to condense that light into whatever matter or mass the body needs.

She’s not just holding more water! She’s literally building new body parts! ALL matter is condensed light, and…

She’s condensing pure light into matter!



The body is mainly composed of water.

The body is water.

Again, he said, Only the body can heal the body.

But the body IS water.

She is drinking nothing but water.

The water is healing the body.

Only the body can heal the body… …is the same as saying…


And this is EXACTLY what we see here.

She is rinsing pure waters through and through her watery body and the waters are healing her waters, which is what her body is made of, and so, the waters are healing her body. And in other words, back to Hippocrates, her body is healing her body.

WOW!! AWESOME!!!!! GO HUMANS!!!!!!!! Light this planet, UP!!!

And while we are at it, let’s light up the whole thing, ALL OF IT…

the galaxy, the universe, and the universe of universes…


All things.

ALL of it.

LIght up ALL of it.

The ALL, light up the ALL. When you talk about everything, you talk about ALL.

Why is this word ‘ALL’ used to describe everything?

Because ALL is the sound used to mean LIGHT.

And, ALL matter is condensed LIGHT.

The ALL. So, in other words, The LIGHT.

When you say you are talking about the ALL, you are talking about the Light.



In other words…