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SALT IS A DRUG by Ron Brown, Ph.D.

For a more in-depth, scientific breakdown of Sodium Chloride and a deeper explanation as to WHY it is so deadly, read this extremely clear article… Salt is a Drug by Ron Brown, Ph.D., author of The Body Fat Guide SALT is the common name for sodium chloride or table salt. We hear much today about the […]

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DISTILLED WATERS BOOK: THE SALT CONSPIRACY by Victoria Bidwell, First published in 1986. From page 18… Sodium Vs. Sodium Chloride “To clearly understand these “truths” revealed in this salt expose, it is now necessary to make a crucial distinction: between sodium and sodium chloride. In the literature on the marketplace today, some concerned nutritionists, doctors, […]

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Ancient Indian Sanskrit Document: THE SHIVAMBU KALPA

DISTILLED WATERS KNOWLEDGE: THE SHIVAMBU KALPA THE WATER OF AUSPICIOUSNESS: SHIVAMBU KALPA VIDHI Extracted from the Damar Tantra… Verses 1-4 Oh Parvati! (The God Shiva speaks to his wife, Parvati.) Those who practise this method can enjoy the fruits of their meditation and this method. For this, certain actions have been recommended along with certain […]

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DISTILLED WATERS KNOWLEDGE: HUMANS ARE PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINES The true reason for the release of Orin is revealed… The human body is a Free Energy Device,  a Perpetual Motion Machine! How can this be?  Well, it’s very simple actually. The energy in the Orin contained within the Holy Grail is far greater than the energy required […]

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Have no fear and don’t obey the – All Obey <> Ebo lA – ‘virus’

DISTILLED WATERS KNOWLEDGE: HOW TO VACCINATE YOURSELF WITH ORIN Have no fear and don’t obey the – All Obey <> Ebo lA – ‘virus’ Ebola is simply the All Obey sound, but spelled out backwards. No worries though. Every human comes equipped with their own Auto-Vaccination system… 10 Drops of your Orin held under your […]

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DISTILLED WATERS TESTIMONIAL: A 50-YEAR CASE OF BLEPHARITIS — GONE IN ONE WEEK Dear Andrew… …first off allow me to say a big thank you for helping me realize the healing power I have had in my own body all this time…….and finally coming to this awesome realization! I stumbled onto your videos online and really […]

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