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What is Orin?

DISTILLED WATERS Q&A: What is Orin? What is Orin, you ask? It is the corrected English common usage word for Urine… DISTILLED WATERS CORRECTED SOUND: URINE IS NOT URINE, URINE IS ORIN Orin is a kind and subtly powerful audio experience. Urine is a cold, scientific and vulgar sound. To begin saying the sound Orin, your […]

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DISTILLED WATERS TRUTH: COMPLACENCY Complacency is caused by the inorganic sodium fluoride mineral deposits on the pineal gland. Inorganic minerals are positively charged. Pure water is negatively charged. In the electrical world, …opposites attract. Pure water is magnetically attracted to the fluoride clogging your pineal! All pineals start to glow, all psychic powers start to […]

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Early Death Comes From Drinking Un-Distilled Water

For those Drinking Tap Water with Sodium Fluoride in it (which is a salt)… … or those Drinking Spring Water with Inorganic Minerals in it… …or those adding Mineral Drops, Salts, or Baking Soda (which is a salt), to their Distilled Water…  WARNING: YOU ARE NO LONGER DRINKING DISTILLED WATER. WARNING: INORGANIC MINERALS/DROPS/SALTS UN-DISTILL YOUR […]

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Salt Crimes

DISTILLED WATERS KNOWLEDGE: PROFESSOR HILTON HOTEMA “Salt Eating Dangerous” By Prof. Hilton Hotema “When did any doctor ever tell a patient that salt eating is dangerous? In Colliers’s of Nov. 26, 1954, J. D. Ratcliff wrote: “Body fluids – a Major Medical Problem.” Under the headline he said: “This year some 200,000 Americans will drown […]

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List of Andrew’s interviews on radio, podcast, and internet…  Andrew Norton Webber on The ‘Alchemical Connections’ radio showhosted by Chrissy McMahon on November 24, 2013.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E04V3QUnqw4&feature=youtu.be ANDREW NORTON WEBBER ON AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO ON THE VINNY EASTWOOD SHOW,  OCTOBER 16TH, 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTtMDbMYnGM Andrew Norton Webber on Awake Radio with Allegedly Dave on February 13th, 2013 Allegedly Dave from Awake […]

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