I am the Water of Life, Out of myself I grow. The more you drink of me, The fuller I will flow.


Human beings are channels of light. Through water, the light of consciousness flows. As we have seen in the Earth society, humans can get clogged up with toxins. When there is junk in the bio-system, light cannot channel clearly, and happiness becomes a rare fantasy.

The pure distilled waters clean the body, mind, and spirit, allowing every human being to become beacons of light once again. This is how we are restoring peace and prosperity on planet Earth, echoing throughout the galaxies.

Thank you for being part of this great Now moment. Be who you came to be. Let’s light up the world together.



We offer this ancient knowledge from a sense of moral obligation and service to TRUTH, in the hopes that the human race can awaken to its ultimate potential.


Vinny Eastwood and Andrew Norton Webber discuss the amazing benefits of distilled water and UT.

Published on Oct 24, 2013


Published on Jul 26, 2012

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billDistilled Water ENHANCES Mineral Absorption

By Dr. Bill Misner, Ph.D.

DOES DISTILLED WATER LEACH MINERALS FROM OUR BODIES? Absolutely, not…in fact just the opposite has been found to occur in cellular research studies. It is a mistaken belief that drinking pure distilled water reduces valuable minerals from living human tissues.      …..read more


Organic and Inorganic Minerals

Original Article  by Raw Food Explained

Most knowledgeable people today recognize that the body must have certain minerals to accomplish its work and preserve its health. However, only a few realize that these minerals must be in their organic state to do us any good at all.      …..read more

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 Ancient Egyptian Papyrus

An Ancient Egyptian Papyrus translated by Beatrice Bartnett and Margie Adelman


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The List of Doctors & Experts We've CompiledJUST KEEPS GROWING


74 Doctors & Experts Speak Out About Distilled Water

including  Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Charles Mayo, Louis Pasteur, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, Aristotle, International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield, and many others.